Lunch Restaurants in Istanbul: Best 5!

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Friday, January 23rd, 2015 In Fun stuff, Life of a panther By Ulrika
Here are 5 gems that all the Panthers in the office love. You can find lunch at all these places for under 20 TL (€8)! There are no bad deals here and your taste buds will always have a great time too!

5. Trabzon Pilav

Trabzon pilav

This place serves up Turkish pilav in the traditional style from Trabzon, in northeast Turkey. Everything here is authentic and we have gotten the thumbs up from a real Trabzonite that this pilav is the real deal! Order a mixed plate, or just pilav with beef. Their ayran is also good!

Tarihi Kalkanoğlu Pilavcısı, Kuloğlu Mah., Ayhan Işık Sok. Beyoğlu, 34440 Istanbul, T: (0212) 243 0261

4. Çiço


Çiço (Chicho) is a sure bet whenever you’re uncertain of what you want. They’ve got your standard picks like pasta, pizza, wraps, chicken and beef dishes. Usually all for under 15 TL (€6). In the evenings, Çiço has 70 CL beers for 10 TL (€3.50)!

Çiço, İstiklal Cd. Süslü Saksı Sk. No:14 Kat: 4, T: (0212) 251 3045

3. Aegean food & breakfast (Ege Yemekleri & Kahvaltı)

Aegean food

Got a hunch for some Aegean food? A classic lady straight out of the movies will serve you up with amazing food and pester you to order more! But, you can be sure that her food is authentic and delicious.

Ege Yemekleri & Kahvaltı, Behind Cihangir mosque.

2. Nam-ı Balık


This is our preferred locale whenever we’re hankering for some seafood. They’ve got everything from anchovies to sea bass. Their fish soup, fish sandwiches and fish platter always find their ways onto Panthers’ tables (and into our mouths, of course!)

Nam-ı Balıkİstiklal Cad. Büyükparmakkapı Sok. No.13 Beyoğlu, Istanbul

1. III. Mevkii

III. Mevkii

This is our little secret that we’re sharing with you. As you can see from the pic. Advertising isn’t this place’s strong suit. But it’s unique and amazing to the end. The lady here serves up her own concoctions with all organic and natural foods. Make sure you finish your pickles cuz you just might get a scolding if not!

III. Mevkiiİstiklal Cad. Öğüt Sk. No: 18 Beyoğlu, Istanbul

Food is good; So is getting paid!

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