Monday, January 21st, 2013 In Blog, Life of a panther By Stephanie

¡Le damos la bienvenida a la pantera española!

This is a good start of the year for Copypanthers! This New Year, the Panthers are happy to welcome Kenna, “la pantera española”, now not only on hand to open the Spanish market, but also teaching us how to dance flamenco, discover the tricks and treats of translation and she will bring her Latino “savoir-faire” to the office. Kenna is really universal: half Honduran, our Latino panther has also grown up in East and West Africa, Honduras and Germany. Her basket of languages is impressive – Kenna speaks Spanish (her native language), English, German and Brazilian Portuguese. She is also a brain, having graduated in Latin America Studies with a focus on international cooperation and in English Philology with a focus on literature and cultural studies. Of course, Kenna fell in love with Istanbul after a trip to the city on two continents five years ago. In order to fully integrate Kenna within our team, we have asked her to get lost in translation with our super game: Lost In Translation Agency! We dare you, too, to lose yourself and win a pair of Happy Plugs!

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