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Friday, October 5th, 2012 In Blog, Fun stuff By Carolin

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A month of funny translations is finally over and we are proud to announce our 50 worst translators. Now, not only do they receive the auspicious title of “worst translator”, they will also have a beautiful pair of Happy Plugs sent directly to them!

We would like to thank these 50 people from all over the world, which made a great effort and posted their funny translations on our Lost in Translation Agency game:

  • Helena Forsberg
  • Erik Fellman
  • Enrique Pino
  • Nathalie Lafont
  • Jenny Hedman
  • Vanessa Lenkel
  • Mikael Björkman
  • Katja Barse
  • Pi Ratas
  • Zandra Engelman
  • Lael Ajay
  • Ville Valkeamaki
  • Sofie Borbiconi
  • Rickhard Carlswärd
  • Henrik Vikstom
  • Sara Tilling
  • Linn Svardhagen
  • Anna Hautaniemi-Salo
  • Kerstin Arre
  • Kenna Eder
  • Belit Tasdemir
  • Daniela Pereira
  • John Martin Oskarson
  • XX
  • Carina Rosenlof
  • Carl-Hendrik Salomonson
  • Heidi Nyberg-Aho
  • Johanna Novakovic Eklund
  • Antti Äs
  • Marianne B.
  • Martin Svedhage
  • Claude Schlesser
  • Audrey Larouche
  • Max Grundell
  • Sophia Lindström
  • Can Arel
  • Emma Carlson
  • Oscar Semp
  • Hakan Meral
  • Delal Eken
  • Nikita Kobrirn
  • Eva Sahlström
  • Recep Kurt
  • Fia Sörensson

But don’t forget! The fun doesn’t end now. If you still want to win Happy Plugs earphones go to our site (by clicking on the picture below) and post a funny translation!

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